i bought 10 bananas for $2


i bought 10 bananas for $2

i buy and sell a lot of shoes and i put bubble wrap in the box of some i just posted my service is damn good 

waking up early on your day off is weird i think ive wasted half the day and ive got aarons to run but its not even 10 yet 

smdh i tried returning some gear i bought from a store in denmark and the shipping took a month so it was longer than the return period and now i need to pay $80 to get it shipped back or just let them keep it



Tiny Frog - Amazon Rainforest, Peru

This frog has absolutely no business being this tiny.

i read an interview with jean touitou and he said that only him and a samurai in japan know the recipe for apc’s denim

I hate having an android phone people think im one of those weird anti apple people but i only bought it because it was cheaper